To print Sissyprint graphics, click on the "get yours here" link, which will redirect you to the GoogleDocs website.  In the upper left corner you will see a downward pointing arrow and a printer icon.  If you click on the arrow, it will automatically download the file and save to your computer.  From there, you will open the file and print.  If you click on the printer icon, it will automatically begin to print the file onto your home printer.

We are not printing snobs.  Printing at home is fantastic.
But, if you want something enlarged or printed on special paper, there are some great, low-cost, high-quality printing options right in your neighborhood.  And, for your convenience, many of these shops allow you to make your order online.

We like the following printers based on their availability, their online printing convenience, and many locations also carry a wide range of paper choices as well.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

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