freebie friday- monthly budget

My husband and I are dreaming of a vacation in a far off place next year. In order for us to be able to enjoy such an adventure, we need to start using a strict budget. 
Budgeting is something we haven't done very well with up to this point in our marriage, but now is as good as any to start one don't ya think?!
Sure there are plenty of free budget worksheets around the web, but none this cute!!

Please allow sufficient time for this graphic to load via google docs.

In order to save ink and for those of you who are really looking to save a few pennies, we have now made the monthly budget available in white!

happy penny pinching!

x0x0 kyrsten


Ty and Em said...

LOVE THIS! I'm for sure going to use this little beauty!

Saunja said...

It's very cute Kyrsten. Makes following a budget look like fun! ;)

Carrie said...

I love it, only problem is that the link does not work for me. Great graphic tho!

laura said...

yeah, me neither :(

Mippy said...

For those that couldn't get the link to work try Google Chrome browser. IT cam up for me with that...wouldn't print right for me and I wasted a ton of ink but oh well. *shrugs* Maybe you'll have better luck! :)

Emily said...

Hey everyone ~
I'm really sorry if you have had a hard time downloading this printable. The only thing that we think could be the problem is the load time. We will look further into it to make sure that everyone is able to print it with success. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

the sissies

Emily said...


So sorry that you wasted so much ink trying to get this to print out correctly. Hopefully we can figure out how to make it work so that nobody else has this problem. Thanks for your support!

the sissies

mom2tnt said...

I was able to download it but I am afraid to print it because the background looks grey instead of white, and yes, that could waste a lot of ink! :-) I do love the graphic though -- thanks for so generously making it available to us!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I linked to you here./mommyprincessof2.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/diy-bill-organizer/
Thanks for your printable! It is an awesome resource!

mwimp said...

Is there anyway you can send this directly to me email? i hate to ask but it keeps coming up as google user content cannot load/print error. I've tried it on numerous computers and networks, nothing seems to work. I know thats alot to ask (if you can't i totally understand) but it is so simple and all the other ones I find are completely to detailed that I won't follow thru with. I'm your newest follower, can't wait to dig in! http://allthatglitter-mwimp.blogspot.com/ stop by and check me out!thanks!

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