May we ever choose the harder right...

One of my favorite thoughts for this week.


He is Risen

Happy Easter Season! Our gift to you!
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Today we discovered that someone was selling our prints as their own in what appeared to be a very darling, reputable Etsy shop.  Thank you for using our freebies for your own personal use! 



Fixer Upper Alphabet Print

Are you guys with me when I say, I really feel like Joanna Gaines and I could be super good friends in real life?  Seriously!  She is the cutest and just seems like such a genuine, awesome, kick-A kind of girl.  One of my favorite things about her show, Fixer Upper, is all the kid space inspiration.  I'm a sucker for typography, folks, and when I saw these classic alphabet prints, I knew I needed to recreate them for my own family's reading nook.

I live in a small town.  So, framing options are pretty limited.  I haven't been able to find any options that I love and are still fairly affordable.  So, I just clipped them to some framed chicken wire in the meantime.  I also love that my daughter can use them as a guide when writing lower and uppercase letters.  These would be great for some of you home-schooling mamas, too!

These are formatted to print as a large print at 11x17" which will cost you about 60 cents at Staples.

Get yours by clicking the links below:


Thanksgiving Advent

As a mom, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I feel like it gives my family an opportunity to recognize our blessings and talk about the many things we are thankful for.  I don't know about you guys, but my kids LOVE countdowns.  It amps up the excitement of fun things ahead!

 This 12-day Thanksgiving advent calendar is a great way to get everyone involved in in the season of gratitude!

We sat down as a family and each person wrote down items they are thankful for this year.  Then, we decorated our advent with the tags and embellished it with festive pieces that were lightweight and easy to tape to the paper.  Each morning, we will read a tag from the advent.  To break it up a little bit, I also wrote down titles to a few Thanksgiving books we have to read before bedtime.

This particular design is meant to be printed on an 18x24" engineer print at such locations as Staples or Office Max.  An engineer print of this size costs a mere $1.99 from Staples.

Just $1 for the first week of November ONLY!

Are you needing to freshen up your family's manners
before having all of the relatives over for Thanksgiving dinner?

For the first week of November, you can get our Manners Matter bundle for just $1!
It comes with lesson plans, games, coloring sheets, and fun activities to help your children
learn their manners and use them in a fun way.


Press Forward - 2016 Mutual Theme

The 2016 Mutual Theme for the youth of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is now in the shop!  
It's one of our favorites!

Only $4, along with permission to print as
many as you'd like for the young women in your own ward!