quotable monday - ann m. dibb

Sometimes joy is found in something as small and simple as a homemade cream puff.

The idea that by
'small and simple things are great things brought to pass'
has been on my mind a lot lately. 

Last night, I decided to focus on doing small things each day to improve myself and accomplish my goals.  So, I sat down and wrote small and simple things I could easily do this week to bring more sunshine into my life {including writing three thank you cards, starting a gratitude journal, and sincerely complimenting a person about a unique skill or talent they have}.  When I felt satisfied with my "small and simple" list , I started to feel a little overwhelmed because it filled up the entire sheet of paper!

I found this ever-so-perfect quote by Ann M. Dibb, and decided to design a little reminder of the power and blessings behind these small and simple acts of kindness, strength, or love.

What small and simple things will you do this week?

love addie

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