freebie friday- thank you cards

One of my all-time favorite things to do is get the mail! Lame? Maybe, but I love peeking inside the mailbox in hopes that I have been sent a wedding invite, baby announcement, or just a note to say hello!

I love getting notes. But I also love sending them. Among those kinds of notes are always "thank you" cards. 

Thank you cards can be sent for a wide variety of reasons- a meal brought to your family after a crisis, someone who has influenced your life and you want them to know it, or a gift given for the exciting new adventure called marriage! 

Regardless of why, everyone loves to get a thank you note. And I think sending a thank you notes helps re-enforce how grateful you truly are!

 {All gift cards will measure 4x6}

Hopefully you can find these little notes useful and will send a personalized thank you to those people who have helped you in the past few weeks or so. 

xoxo, kyrsten


VICKI IN AZ said...

and thank you kyrsten. i love these i will so enjoy using them. xoxo

safdar ali said...

These are the best thank you cards. Who has designed these cards. Have you work before as a designer with any Plastic cards printing and designing company.