Popsicle Cozy - gift tag & pattern

I think popsicles are a huge part of summer nostalgia.

When my son was a teething baby, I'd wrap a paper towel 
with a rubber band around the ice pop to keep his little fingers from getting cold.

Two kids later and a little experience has helped me make the perfect popsicle cozy.
Believe me, there have been several designs that have been modified and simplified.
There have been pocket cozies, wrap-around cozies, but the sleeve-style cozy is the way to go.

Cut out the sewing pattern from the free printable.
Just fold the top and bottom ends of your fabric under, basting stitch across.
Fold the square of fabric in half, right sides together, basting stitch down the side.
Super easy, super fast.  Only takes a minute or two per cozy.

 Use an old dish cloth, terricloth, or snug fleece.
I like the snug fleece or quilters flannel because of the fun prints available for kids!
This pattern was formulated to fit a Pedialyte popsicle, but works great on Otter Pops, too!

What kid wouldn't love getting a cozied ice pop, topped off with a coordinating gift tag!
Make summer special.

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BKicklighter said...

What size square of fabric do you start with?
thebluehutch (at) gmail (dot) com

momof3boys said...

where is the free printable to download the pattern located at?

Gay Ferland said...

Hello! What a wonderful website!! Thanks for sharing your forms......I LOVE forms!!!

I don't seem to be able to print the freezer pop cozy. Any help?

Also, what type of fabric? Something special?
Thanks again!!!
Gay Ferland