Toy Room Organization

I live in a very small, two bedroom apartment.
I have two toddler-age children and keeping the clutter and mess to a minimum is a daily challenge.
I'm trying to be more space efficient and organized in our tight living quarters
and in that process, I designed these toy organization tags.

These tags were tailored to fit my needs and I hope you can find use for them as well.

Happy organizing.


VICKI IN AZ said...

my grandson's toys will benefit from these lovely graphics. thank you emily! xoxo

Lindsay Loo said...

I love these tags! I am a nanny and these would be perfect for organizing their toys so they know what goes where. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Can these be edited? I have a daughter so only a few of these work. We are about to move and I want her new room completely organized and these would work great if they were just a little different.