Freebie Friday - monthly dinner calendar

Remember a few months ago when this gem was the Freebie Friday printable?

Well, it turned out to be so popular that I decided to expand this awesome organization tool into a Monthly Dinner Calendar. 
Now not only can you budget in style, you can spice up your meal plans with this lovely {not to mention matching} dinner calendar!

This is such a great organization tool for all of you wives, moms or even nannies trying to get it all together. This not only helps you with the grocery shopping, but it makes it so you don't have to mull over what to make for dinner right when your ready to eat!

It's time to take my own organization advice and get to planning!

Bon Appetit! 
xoxo, kyrsten


VICKI IN AZ said...

hey this is great, thanks so much. the monthly budget printout is already on my fridge!!! love this place. xoox

renee said...

Love this!

BB said...

can i download this?

melanie liljenquist said...

Would love to download this is it available??

Love your blog!!