I am thankful guessing game

I actually got this idea from Parents magazine.
But, I thought it was such a fun and interactive take on the I-am-thankful-for at dinner.

Have your dinner guests jot down what they're thankful for this year.
Put all the "thankful notes" into a bowl, draw them out, and try to guess who it belongs to.
You could even have a prize for the person who guesses the most correctly.

Get your I Am Thankful Guessing Game here.

Happy dinner hosting!


Destiny said...

These are very cute! Just found your blog - new follower ;) (Thanks for sharing them!)

LDH said...

What a sweet place you have here! I have just had a delightful time perusing many of your posts! Lots of creativity and kind generosity :)


Sara Urias said...

I am trying to print your I am thankful guessing game it is giving me an error message, super sad...
Anyway you would be willing to email me the pdf version?