traveling happy!

my husband and i LOVE our westy {the camper van shown on the poster} 

we love to take it on exotic road trips anywhere we can. exotic meaning anywhere in the western united states.... i don't think it could make it too much further! 

in fact we love it so much that we are planning a spring break road trip to one of my favorite places of. all. time! OREGON!!! 

im soo excited. i hope this print gets you excited to enjoy an adventure too.


{amy k.} said...

one of my favorite sayings! thanks for sharing!

hmommy said...

SO fun! Framing this for little man's wall. My hubs will drool over the the van - he'd enjoy having one to use for camping :)

VICKI IN AZ said...

love this, thank you xoxo

Zima said...

Thank you!

Jennifer Pritchard said...

Great stuff! Thank you