Junk Drawer Rescue

I think the majority of us are guilty of having a junk drawer in our home.
My junk drawer is my entire desk.  It's tragic, really.  The picture doesn't even do the mess justice.

I decided it was time to grow up and have a desk that acts more professional.
I dumped everything onto the floor and instantly felt very overwhelmed.

I literally want to climb under a rock for showing you this.

But, once I loaded the tabbie template into my editing software, added titles,
and started designating names to each folder, it helped the process move along much faster.
And although I used my tabbies for folders, these could certainly be used to label totes, pantry items, and so much more.
Make them your own!

Every loose piece of paper and artwork now have a home.

Doesn't it feel good to make little spaces more functional?  I love it.

And, I loved having this noodle salad for dinner tonight.  Yummo!  One of my faves.
Happy organizing!

Get your Tabbies here.

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GirlHouse said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us! I also use files to corral paper clutter. The taps that come with the hanging folders are just not cute! : D