quotable-monday hero dad

fathers day is coming up.

i saw a quote like this recently and couldn't help but think of my own father. he is my hero. 
after fighting colon cancer for 4 years, he passed away. but through that time, i never heard him complain or ask why such a hard trial was given to him. 

he truly is the most amazing man i know. 


marlah24 said...

This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Mari said...

Love this, thank you!
Crazy Taryn your sister?

The Sissies said...


Yes Taryn is my sister.... How do you know her??

Jessica Belnap said...

Always amazing, as usual. Great print!

Mari said...

I know Taryn and her darling family from Ohio!
Crazy that I am from Montana and they are now starting this next part of their life in Billings.
I recognized the photo of your father from Taryn's blog. My father, too, has passed and my heart broke for your family when your Dad died at such a young age.
I adore your site and use many if your creations in Visiting Teaching and daily life.