Get Excited - Addie is back.

The summer goes by pretty slowly when you don't have internet access in your new home -
and when the closest person you know lives 5 hours away.
But it is the absolute WORST when -
you live in Washington D.C. and your husband lives in Dallas.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be back.
And you have reason to be stoked out of your panties,
because we are celebrating the coming birth of
with a lawn party at sunset.

With, you know, how about
the best sugar cookie recipe ever.
homemade limeade.
printable templates for your own party.
a tutorial on making probably the cutest fan flowers.

And after tomorrow, you better believe I'm going to share 
this goodness and more with you.

Stay Tuned.  
The Sissies are Back.


Suzanne said...

Sweet! Can't wait!

Tamera said...

Welcome back - I've missed you. I know we've never met but I've been wondering where you were. Congratulations on your exciting news. The party sounds like a blast. I may be throwing a shower soon so your templates will come in handy right away. As always - thanks for sharing.