Couples Road Trip Questions

Once upon a time, my husband and I spent a lovely ten hours driving to Durango, Colorado.
It was our first trip sans our beautiful children, which meant a surplus of quiet would accompany us on our journey.  Cue the Couples Road Trip question jar.

I originally posted these on Sissy last summer.  But, I no longer had the original file on my computer and our once-upon-a-time hosting company is no more.  So, my pretties, here is a new set of road-trippin' questioning goodness for you and your beloved.  

Not planning a trip anytime soon?  That's okay.

Use them on your next date night or swap out a movie for some conversation and time to reconnect.  Some questions are goofy, some are serious, some answers you may already know.  But, what fun.


Anonymous said...

Neat! Thank you :)

*katie said...

Thank you!!