bridal shower invitation

There are so many fun themes to choose from for parties these days.
I love this idea.  Introducing an invitation for a vintage housewife themed bridal shower.

The guests will receive aprons for party favors and I picture them eating classic housewife 
baked goods such as lemon bunt cake, chocolate eclairs, and other tasty creations.
Perhaps some fingernails painted red, some lips adorned with a rosy hue.

This takes me back to a simpler time when all things were pretty.


sam and kyrsten said...

this is so lovely and such a fabulous and fun idea!!!

benilhalk said...

Wow, this invitation for bridal shower bash is just fabulous. I am totally impressed with these ideas. I would like to use this idea for my sister’s bridal shower. She will be tying wedding knot soon at some local Los Angeles wedding venues. Eagerly waiting for her special day.