quotable monday - helen keller

I love this quote by Helen Keller.

I am certainly guilty of focusing too much on the negative things that happen in life,
 and unfortunately forget to look at the good that is happening all around me.
It is true, the going can get tough.
But, we really are blessed.

Do you see the open doors in your life?

(For the best quality, all quotable Monday graphics are sized to print as a 5x7)


suzieQ said...

Nice quote and thanks for providing it as a 5x7. I know that throughout my life, things always work out...or sorrow and sadness have their time and place and joy and happiness come too. When something happens that I may not be too happy about, I find that sometimes, if I look for the positive, I may eventually realize that some good came out of that something that I wasn't too happy about. And I assure you, I can by as cynical as the rest, but looking for good, usually helps you find good. There are sorrows, and I've had my share, as others all have, but they eventually pass.

Peppermint_Patt said...

Thanks for the lovely printable of one of my
favorite quotations. Every day is a great day
and we keep our eyes open for those open doors!

merium said...

this is a great quote, but for some reson. I can't get it to display to download it..

Karla said...

How do I print or save from google docs.? I can't seem to get this to work. Thank you.

Hadar said...

Love it :)

Tamara L. Chilver said...

What a wonderful quote! It is so true and I needed to be reminded of that. ☺

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