Quotable Monday- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Every once in awhile there is a quote that catches my attention.
Sometimes I'm not sure why, it just seems to speak to me somehow.
Such is the case with this quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

How many times after taking an exam have we forgotten everything we had just studied for nights on end? 
Oh wait... Maybe thats just me!

But it's those times when something life changing occurs and the wisdom gained will never be forgotten.
How thankful I am for those times that have developed my ever-growing outlook on life!
Because life is good.

{For the best quality, all quotable Monday graphics are sized to print as a 5x7}


The Millers said...

Love it Kyrst!

stephani said...

EMILY - love the new blog! and i LOVE the sweet photo of you and Piper!
KYRST - LOVE the owl graphic, and this is also a favorite quote of mine. so powerful!
You girls are so talented! :)