Back to School Tags

It's back to school time!

Make the first day of school special by sending "welcome back" favors!

Send packages of pencils or cupcakes for your student's new class
and adorn the packaging with this assortment of gift tags.

These tags would also work well with teacher gifts as well.
This printable comes with five assorted gift tags.

We're trying a new file hosting service.
Let us know if you prefer this format over google docs.


Lil' Luna said...

SOOO flippin' adorable!! Would love it if you came and linked them
up over at my link party today. :) www.lilluna.com

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

These are the cutest back to school tags that I've seen!!! So excited to use them! Thank you for sharing!

dawnaclark said...

LOVE THE TAGS and the download format......SO EASY! RIGHT FROM THIS PAGE! fast too! thank you!

Vicki Johnson said...

love these. the colors are soooooooooo great! xoxo the download was wonderful and easy, thank you, thank you .

Mike McQueen said...

These are really cute nametags.

Name Badges @ Smart Edge Badges

Brad said...

love these! thank you:)

Sol said...

how can I download them? can't find the link for download...

Megg said...

Hi there! I would love to download these. Anyway I can do so....?

Anonymous said...

I cant download it and I have tried it in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Can you help?

Mrs. Lansdell said...

Would love to download these. Are they still available?

Unknown said...

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