Book Plates

Complimentary book plates.
Wouldn't you love opening a book to one of these goodies?

Use them as a notebook label, textbook book plate, or size them down to label pencil boxes, rulers, and other school supplies in a stylish way.

There are six varieties to choose from!


VICKI IN AZ said...

these are so creative emily! thank you so much, love them. xoxo

tamir said...

What happened to the pencil?

Emily said...

It was sharpened with a pocket knife. Haha.

Nancy | The Turner Five said...

I love these and can find many uses for them. Thanks!!

Sol said...

how can I download them? they are so cute! don't want to miss them! Can you help me? thanks!!
greetings from Argentinian Patagonia!

Liz the Beth said...

I can't get to the downloads :( I can't see anything in the space where I suppose that the download thing is supposed to be!! eek! Please fix it! thanks :)