Personalized Sack Lunch Tags

Jazz up your humdrum sack lunches with these colorful tags.

There are four variations of this printable, making it possible for you to pair the perfect sack lunch tag with your little student's personality and interests.

As a mom, I like spending a few extra minutes on simple tasks 
to help my children recognize how important they are to me. 
Make the little things surprising and special. 

Last year, my niece spent the night the evening prior to "Crazy Hair Day" at her school.  Before bed, we read Crazy Hair Day and the following morning I decorated her sack lunch and its contents to coordinate with the day's theme.  She loved it and now asks that I make her a sack lunch whenever she stays over on a school night.

Even while away at school,
I never want my kids to forget that I love them and am thinking of them.
And what better time to remind them than at lunchtime?

Now the question of the morning, turkey or PB&J?


The Stoddard Show said...

all these lunch ideas are absolutely adorable ;) thank you for sharing your amazing talents


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