Black Friday Shopping

Are you as stoked as I am about Black Friday Shopping?
Oh my goodness! So many deals and so little time!
Because there are so many places to go and so many people to shop for I decided to make a printable that would help me organize where I'm going, who I'm shopping for and what I need to get!

I hope this isn't confusing. I made a sheet that could fit 4 stores, because I have 8 that I need to get to and thought 4 to a page was a pretty good option.

The for who indicates who you are shopping for at that particular store, the what is the items you need to buy there, and the amount needed is how much you expect to spend in that store.

See easy peasy! Now all you have to do is look at your list so that you don't have to spend an hour in each store figuring out what you were supposed to buy! Saves you TIME and MONEY!

I also thought it would be nice to have one place to put all of those receipts you gather while making those Black Friday purchases. 

Instead of making an entire envelope that you have to print, cut, fold, tape, glue etc. I figured I'd just make a label that can be stuck on a standard business envelope. You know one of those white envelopes  that the majority of us have on hand.

{Click here to download Receipt Label}

Obviously not all of you will use this for Black Friday, so I have included a print without the Black Friday wording on the bottom. Now you can use it anytime you are doing your Christmas shopping!

{Click here to download the Shopping List}

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Happy Shopping Sissyprinters!

xoxo, kyrsten

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Amy B said...

Love the shopping lists! thank you :) AmyB