Quotable Monday- Gobble

Awhile back my husband and I and a few of our friends had an ongoing battle of trashing each other's houses. And by trashing I mean gathering a few 'fancy' decorations from our local thrift store and redecorating each other's places. 

It was definitely a fun rivalry we had going on for those few months. 
While 'redecorating' one of our friend's houses, we picked up a little sign that said, "Gobble till you Wobble." It was ugly, but I loved it! 

Since theirs was the first home trashed, they made sure that the sign was passed between us as we each had our own turn of decorating torture.

Although the sign was ugly, the saying rocks! So I decided to take that saying and make something that each of us can use in our homes, but with a bit more style than the original.

As usual, I'm having a hard time with our downloading tool. I need some serious tech support here! So, yet again you will have to download it via google docs!

xoxo, kyrsten


Julie said...

Love this! Plan to place it in a frame on the Thanksgiving buffet table and see how many notice!

Marilee said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, love the decorating battles! What a fabulous idea.