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Keeping a house clean is a year around task, however many bigger cleaning projects are saved for when the seasons change. Washing windows, cleaning upholstered furnishings and washing outdoor furniture might be some of the chores on your spring cleaning checklist. One project I like to tackle in the spring is getting my closet organized. If it’s on yours too, here are a few tips to help you get started:

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Store. As you transition your wardrobe closet from cold-weather clothing to warm-weather clothing, make sure that you store sweaters, coats and pants away in zipped bags that protect your garments from moths and other pests. And before you store, make sure your garment is cleaned. The Container Store has some great storage options.

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Give. Donate clothing that you do not wear to a local charity. Don't know one in your area? Excess Access will match you with a charity organization in your zip code. They link each donation with the wish-lists of your nearby charities that can provide pick-ups or will accept drop-offs. And donors get tax-deductible receipts.

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Organize. If you have a large or walk-in closet it's best to organize it into zones by season or garment type (i.e. work, casual, formal). Next arrange the clothing into sections for each category (i.e. blouses, dresses, pants, etc.). Then arrange the clothes in each section by color from left to right (i.e. black, blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, ivory and white). This makes it much easier to find outfits and is more pleasing to the eye. Wouldn't you agree?

Function & Style.To help keep shirts, shoes and sweaters arranged neatly I recommend stackable boxes with clear fronts like these stylish linen drop-front boxes. The clear drop-front allows you see what's inside and to access items without having to unstack them.

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Plan. Having trouble deciding what to wear? Closet Lite, a high-tech clothing organization/planning app for your iPhone, allows you to organize your clothing, create outfits, plan them for certain days and view them. This app can even create packing lists for any upcoming trips. Love this!

Happy spring & happy organizing!
- Cristin from Simplified Bee®

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