Guest Post... Eating My Candy

Hi, I'm Jen
I'm a craft-a-holic mother of 6.
I'm so excited to be guest posting here at Sissyprint!

I'm going to share how I manage to keep my family of 8 under some semblance of order.
With 6 kids (and a husband going to school, working full-time and teaching at the community college part time) we have a LOT of papers coming in and out of this house.

There are three things I do to keep them all organized and in order.

(known to my kids as the "clipboard wall")

I have two long rectangle magnet boards to keep generic family stuff.
Ex. library book due dates, chore chart details, etc.
I also have a clipboard for every member of the family.
This is where I keep school project papers, Cub/Boy Scout project papers, Dr's instructions, receipts, etc.
Anything that goes in that "inbetween filing stage"
By that I mean, papers that I don't want stored in the filing cabinet but also that don't need to be seen during the current week.
When my kids remember to use the clipboard system it works great!

In here I keep a file for each member of the family
and one for current mail.

This is where the weekly homework/spelling words/works in progress goes.
The kids always have a place to keep their homework and it  rarely ever
never gets lost. (It's just getting them out of their backpacks that they have a hard time with.)

The current mail file holds, just that, current mail.
Mail/bills that I will need to look through during the week.
Everything else gets thrown away immediately.

I also do a lot of couponing
so I have a file for the coupons I get in the mail that I know I'll need to use that week.

The binder stays in the Kitchen System basket.
It's divided into several sections.
*Passwords - For the kids' gaming websites, shopping website passwords, etc.
So if the kids (or let's be honest, me) can't remember a password they'll know where to look.
*School info - Teacher e-mail/website addresses, sport schedules, etc.
*Health - Current immunization records, physicals for sports/scouts, etc.
*Home - I keep a list of projects/repairs that need completed around the house.  I also keep paint chips from rooms we've painted, tile colors, etc.
*Bills - This is where I keep records of what bills I've paid and when I've paid them.

Those are my three main things.
If I can keep up on those three areas of organization then I feel like I'm doing
an okay job running this household of littles.

Hopefully my system will help you too.
You can find me at

Thanks for having me Sissyprint!!

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