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Hey All, the Sissie's asked me to send them my spring cleaning list.  I do have to admit that writing Today's Creative Blog has taken more and more of my time in the past year that I'm actually thinking about hiring a cleaning lady.  Oh that would be so nice.

Like you, spring time means sprucing up me home!  Time to dust the cob webs away and get those windows clean.  (I don't clean my own windows) There are 3 items I do either 2 times a year or quarterly.  I use "green" supplies whenever I can and I love it when I can make my own cleaners.

Cleaning chemical free in the kitchen isn't too hard.  I do admit however, I still love my bleach. But using Vinegar and baking soda is not only cheap, it's easy on the environment.  I have found a more extensive way to clean my dishwasher this spring.

Cheryl at TidyMom.net has a really good tutorial on cleaning your dishwasher.

cleaning your dishwasher with tidymom.net

Boy does she have it down.

Since we own a dog and we live in the rainy NW, we clean our carpets probably more than most people.......although you'd never know it if you saw them today.  I must say the muddy paws have taken their tole this winter.  What I find helpful is using OxyClean in my carpet shampooer.  It's less toxic than many of the carpet cleaning products.

Seriously.........who cleans these on a regular basis?  I have white baseboards as well as white cupboards.  This means that the Magic Eraser is my best friend.  Using this miracle sponge really saves time and elbow grease.  A simple swipe "erases" any dirt.....so easy that I always think that I should add this task to my monthly routines.

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